Verification of business partners

This service is dedicated to all entrepreneurs, who care to cooperate with credible and reliable business partners and do not have the possibility or time to verify them. This service consists in visiting the specified location/address with the purpose to confirm, whether it is correct, as given by the client/contracting party.

The verification may be effected in one of the following modes:

  • open/public (meeting with the client/contracting party at the indicated address and performance of full verification with photographic documentation);
  • closed/secret (it is impossible to provide information about who is the principal).

This service may also be based on more thorough verification of the partner, among others, in view of debts, pending legal proceedings, insolvency. This service also includes the verification of business partners in two stages:

  • Using common sources and registers, such as for example Register of Debtors, National Court Register, verification of available documentation;
  • In cooperation with our partners in Georgia, including with law enforcement authorities.

The result of the activities described above is the presentation including documental elements + selected aspects described in form of a report. At the explicit request of the investor it is possible to modify the form of complete presentation of findings included in the report.

The advantages to the investor are the verification of credibility and business path so far of commercial partners or potential partners/contributors in joint business projects.