Connecting business partners

The Chamber offers services in establishing business relations between Polish companies as well as Polish and Georgian companies. Our efforts consist in acquiring clients/suppliers, verifying the company in order to ensure maximum transaction security, presenting products at fairs, running a commercial agency, etc. Our services are particularly useful in the process of acquiring clients abroad, as we assume the communication in foreign language (from correspondence to preparation of proper marketing materials), safety assessment of commercial contracts in a specific country and (at the client’s request) deliveries on behalf of the client. We speak the following languages: English, Russian, Georgian, German, French and Farsi.

Our offer includes among others:

  • Providing commercial information and statistical data,
  • Creation of databases of entities for cooperation,
  • Creation of databases of potential distributors,
  • Analysis of commercial data concerning the market,
  • Presentation and analysis of export support instruments by Polish and Georgian institutions,
  • Promotion of business offer on foreign markets,
  • Intermediation in establishing contacts between business partners,
  • Presentation of offers and products to target companies,
  • Presentation of quality classification and requirements concerning the products, services (certificates, permits).

The component, which conditions the effectiveness and the dynamics of our operations, is the permanent office in Poland and Georgia. The service is rendered on the basis of completed application.

Upon receiving of the application the foreign cooperation office will contact You at soon as possible.