Analyses and market information

The Chamber’s Section of Analyses and Information regularly collects and updates data connected with indices and business situation on the Georgian market. Thanks to that members of the Chamber receive reliable information constituting the basis for taking optimal business decisions. These data also enable to better adjust the offer to the market and to react to the measures taken by the competitors. Our actions ensure the security and minimization of  business risk. The main idea, which guides our actions, is the maximization of return on investment carried out by the client as per the assumed purposes. The Chamber’s analyses will enable to assess the position of Your company on the Georgian market (strong and weak points), showing at the same time your potential and advantages against the competitors already operating on the market. The Chamber’s consultants will assist to determine, implement and develop the strategies for your business within an agreed time limit. Thanks to reliable and constant collection of current data with respect to economic indices and business environment, the Chamber’s clients receive necessary tools to plan their operations on foreign markets – in Georgia and in the region.

  • Analysis of competitive environment in Georgia and Poland, in order to establish whether it is profitable to run business in a given country.
  • Comparison of market offers and position of a client with the offer and position of his/her competitors as well as assessment of competitive advantages and weaknesses of the client by means of a specially developed methodology. The idea of benchmarking aids in the analysis of processes and indices of effectiveness in comparison to the best companies in the branch and the best practices of other branches.
  • Preparation of analyses and research of Polish and Georgian markets.
  • Preparation of legal analysis and acquiring information in the scope of detailed legal regulations (for example quality requirements concerning specific groups of products in Georgia).
  • Seeking out information concerning customs regulations and tariffs.
  • Seeking out other information at the request of a Chamber’s member.

Example of business strategic analysis, including:

  • Analysis of macro-environment (PEST analysis):
    • legal and political factors,
    • economic factors,
    • social and cultural factors,
    • technological factors.